What is Photo Weaved Saree?

Whether it's a special anniversary, a milestone celebration, or simply a gesture to create cherished memories, the Photo Weaved Saree is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Choose your favorite color palette and design, along with your favorite couple picture and let our skilled weavers craft with meticulous care and deliver you the masterpiece of artistry that encapsulates your love story. The photograph can be weaved on the border of the saree as well as the pallu along with your couple name and the date you wish to cherish. This photo weave saree will be done in pure silk material with 2 grams gold Zari


How to Order?

Ordering Your Photo Weaved Saree in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Select your preferred material for the saree

Step 2: Select your preferred color option:

  • If choosing a custom color: Delivery time: 60 - 90 days
  • If choosing from our color options: Delivery time: 30 days

Step 3: Choose your desired pattern and design.

Step 4: Capture a high-quality photograph using a professional camera. As this picture will be weaved onto the saree, ensure it is clear and detailed.


Step 5: Make an advance payment to initiate the weaving process.

Step 6: We will begin crafting your unique photo weaved saree and ensure it is delivered to you within the specified time frame.

Note: The delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of the design and the color customization. Our team of skilled artisans will work diligently to create a masterpiece that reflects your vision and captures your treasured memories.

Order your photo weaved saree today and embrace a personalized work of art that celebrates your special moments in style.

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